This week at Halcyon Jiu-Jitsu:

The Jr Warriors will be working on hip tosses and headlock escapes.

Fundamentals will be focusing on sweeps- while Advanced class will be counterattacking

Muay Thai will be focusing in on the jab and parry

Remember we will be closed for Thanksgiving – November 23-24-25(Thursday-Friday-Saturday)Choke

This week is going to be an awesome week if you LOVE chokes!

In Fundamentals we are working on escaping the back.
(Basics + The Scoop…if you don’t know the scoop escape, you’d better come to class!)

In INT/ADV BJJ we are attacking chokes from the top game. Everywhere.

In Muay Thai we are working on doubling up on our leg attacks

See you on the mats!

Working on some excellent “Advanced Basics” AKA that invisible Jiu-Jitsu this week.

The team grows stronger!

Congrats to Josh, Ramon, Chase, and Rick on their Super Saturday promotion to 4th stripe – it was a high energy, awesome class

Check out the pic and video below


Jr Warrior Kids class: Defend chokes + Escape back control

Fundamentals: Maintain the back + rear naked choke (RNC)

INT/ADV BJJ: Double Leg mastery (Hello crash pad) and the master’s series from guard

Muay Thai: Combos + block and counter

Hopefully the weather cooperates and calms down a little… Keep alert and stay safe.


This week:

Kids Martial arts: Hook punches defense – Osoto Gari + Mount control

Fundamentals BJJ: Headlock escapes to armbar submission

INT/ADV BJJ: Slide by Version. 2.0
Over/under pass + escape Tech mount

Muay-Thai: Jab and Parry.




Congrats to Alex Young and Andrew Powers for stepping on the mats this weekend in competition.
No reward without risk! No success without failure! No guts, no glory…it takes courage to get out there and test yourself, me and the whole team at Halcyon JiuJitsu is proud of your efforts.- Coach Matt
Be sure to wish Super Dave Brown good luck next weekend at IBJJF Masters Worlds, he will give them hell – no doubt
This week!
Kids class will be covering:
Escape headlocks on feet and ground
Stand up Combos 1-4 + kicks
Fundamentals BJJ: Heavy hips side control
INT-ADV BJJ: Shadow wrestling-Transitioning on top – Running man escape
Muay Thai: The Right Hand – rolling out


We’ve all felt the sting of failure, of losing, of coming up short.

What are some of the best ways to deal with it? It’s part of life after all.

I’m still working my way through The Magic of Thinking Big by David J Schwartz

I’ve come across a wonderful chapter titled: How to turn defeat into victory. Now this is useful not just in Jiu-Jitsu but everywhere in life. Often the way we deal of the setbacks or failure can make all the difference.

Here are 5 ways to help turn defeat into victory. (Paraphrased from the book)

1. Study your failures. Whenever you lose, learn from studying it. What you learn will help you go on to win the next time.

2. Have the courage to be your own constructive critic, seek out your own faults and weaknesses and correct them. This makes you a professional.

3. Don’t blame luck, research each set back by know what went wrong. Look for specifics. Take ownership of your situation!

4. Blend persistence with experimentation. Stay with your goal but don’t beat your head against a stone wall. Try new approaches and experiment.

5. Remember, there is a good in every situation. Find it. See the good side and overcome discouragement.

Let me know what you think!
—Coach Matt Smith

In class this week we are working:
Kids class: Escaping the rear choke and the back control
Fundamentals BJJ: Controlling the low mount
Intermediate BJJ: Ankle sweep and muscle sweep
Muay Thai: Combos 2 and 4 with switch knees


This week on the mats:
Fundamentals BJJ: escaping side control
Intermediate-advanced-bjj : armdrag techniques
Muay-Thai-Kickbooxing: Hitting and moving. Two punch combos

I’m reading a great book this week the title is: The Magic of Thinking Big by David J Schwartz

One of the best things I’ve read in this book (of the many) is how to deal with fear. We all experience fear whether we’re talking martial arts- sparring, competition, or fear of being injured. And more commonly, we all feel fear in Social or business situations.
You might be nervous about talking to your boss or a peer – any number of common situations.
Perhaps more accurately, thinking about the situation can cause us fear. Sometimes we don’t even get started on a project because we’re afraid it might not be good enough or it might be hard and so the fear causes us to delay taking action.
For example: many people I talk to you before they start training Jiu-Jitsu or martial arts are afraid that they need to be in great shape or that their life needs to be “just right” before they can start training.
Or maybe it’s their diet they just need to eat a little better then they’ll feel better and could start training.
Of course as a teacher and coach I know we have classes for beginners and the best way to start getting in shape and building momentum is to just get started but as I read The Magic of Thinking Big I began to see the same concept applies to anything! I came across this quote paraphrased here : “Action cures fear. Isolate your fear and then take constructive action. In-action, doing nothing about a situation, strengthens fear and destroys confidence.”

I’ve practiced this as I read this book and throughout my day and I found it to be the absolute best way to deal with fear or anxiety. Anytime I’m feeling anxious or fearful I asked myself: ” what work should I be doing right now to fix this?” and then I get to work- the fear is forgotten and the work gets done.
Let me know your thoughts, try it see if it works for you.
Best regards and happy training
–Coach Matt